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Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Volunteers are involved in every aspect of our organization from food distribution, organizing food drives, fund raising, answering phones, and thanking our donors. There's lots of fun and comradely to be had while donating your time and energy in a charity that is truly helping to make a difference. You can work on an activity yourself, or involve the whole family.

We do have positions for students to complete their community service hours, and we do provide supervision and direction to young offenders in a working partnership with the Elizabeth Fry Society and Associated Youth Services of Peel.

Where are volunteers most needed? There is a volunteer job available for just about anyone who would like to help. All you have to do is pick an area of interest. If you can volunteer some time, please contact us. The major areas of need for volunteers are the following:

We need helpers for:
  • Strong people to carry food into and help clients carry groceries out of the Food Bank
  • Serving clients
  • Sorting and Packing food (repackage into smaller quantities)
  • Drivers: to pick up food from local businesses who have donated food
  • Telephone Reception: these volunteers are often the first contact people have with the Food Bank.
  • Office staff: help answer phones writing thank you notes etc.
  • Computer desk - entering client data and food collection activity into the computer
  • Coordinators: to direct volunteers who are sorting and packing food.
  • Food shoppers
  • Advocates: to help clients with advice & information that might reduce their reliance on the food bank.
  • We need extra help at peak times: Christmas, & during the spring (Easter) and fall (Thanksgiving) food drives.
  • General maintenance and cleaning


Volunteers to obtain "donations in kind". (Used equipment, donations of food etc.).
  • Writing letters: Volunteers need access to a computer with Windows and have the ability to write different types of letters to different types of organizations requesting their participation or a donation.
  • Seeking donations: This can be monetary, prizes for special events or services such as photocopying.
Business/School/Youth Groups:
  • Run a food drive. You can select a theme. E.g. Bring any type of item appropriate for babies. (Formula, baby food, baby cereal, diapers etc.)
  • Sponsor the Food Bank at your next fund-raiser. Charge admittance to a sports activity; play you are holding or other special event, have a bake sale or a "garage sale" and donate some of your proceeds.

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